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Master Isabelle Kandler

Master Isabelle Kandler has been training in Tiger Kung Fu and LAMAS Qi Gong for over fifteen years, studying under Senior Master Richard Williams and Grandmaster Lowe. She attained 4th Degree Black Sash and has been assistant instructor at various Oxford-based Tiger Kung Fu classes for over seven years, and has been teaching the Oxford Brookes Classes for the least four years. She also teaches women's self defence, and LAMAS Qi Gong classes and workshops in Oxford, Abingdon, Woodstock and Bicester.

Master Kandler is also the Association's Projects & Events Organiser and Secretary General, organising events such as gradings, seniors and instructor training, the Long Kung Fu Weekend, masterclasses and seminars, away practice (Brighton and France), private tuition, and Christmas dinners!

Master Ben Olding

Master Ben Olding has been training under Senior Master Richard Williams, Grandmaster Lowe, and Master Turner, for over 10 years. He achieved the 4th degree black sash in LAMAS Qi Gong (specialising in Tiger and Bird), and now teaches tiger in Launton (near Bicester) on Monday nights. He also teaches the occasional staff workshop.

Master Olding is also the club's webmaster.

Sifu Bartosz Zakrzweski

Bartosz attained Second Degree black sash in Classic Tiger Kung Fu in November 2021. He is assistant instructor at various Oxford-based Classic Tiger Kung Fu classes, and has trained in the art since 2012, learning from Master Kandler as well as from Senior Master Williams. He has also trained in LAMAS Qi Gong.

Bartosz moved to UK in 2008 right after finishing his masters degrees in Poland.

Master John Turner

Master John Turner has been training martial arts since the age of 9, attaining 4th degree black belt in WTF Taekwondo and Master level in Tiger Kung Fu under the tuition of Senior Master Richard Williams and Grandmaster Lowe.

Master Turner has been specialising in Classic Tiger and has been teaching in Oxford for over eight years, leading classes in Brookes University and Oxford University, as well as teaching part of the annual Long Kung Fu Weekend. Master Turner is also a qualified personal trainer and a level 4 qualified Sports Massage therapist.

Senior Master Richard Williams

Major Qualifications:

- 7th Degree LAMAS Qi Gong (incorporates: Dragon, Tiger & other LAMAS Animal forms, Fen Shui, Qi therapy, Peng Jing, healthy eating practices, and health improvement course management) 

- 6th Dan WTF Tae Kwon Do
Given demonstrations on behalf of Grandmaster Lowe on numerous occasions, including the 3rd World Qi Gong Conference, San Francisco 19-21 1999
Assisted in setting up various LAMAS Qi Gong classes internationally
Heavily involved in the promotion of LAMAS Qi Gong internationally
Co-founded Classical Kung Fu Association AD 2000
Co-founded QiMAI AD 2010


Enjoys a game of Chess when time permits!

Grandmaster Lowe

Grandmaster Lowe is a direct descendant of Su Wu, and is the world authority on LAMAS Qigong. Now in his sixties, Grandmaster Lowe has been practicing LAMAS Qigong since he was 6 years old.

Some of Grandmaster Lowes Acheivements:

- The only non-US citizen invited to speak as a Presenter and Panelist in the 1st White House Commission on Complementary & Alternative Medical policy (WHCCAMP), September 2000.
- Presenter, panelist and member of the World Qi Gong Congress (WQC) as well as the World Qi Gong Federation (WQF).
- Presenter for the Global Holistic Summit in Bangalore, India.
- World Authority on LAMAS Qi Gong, featured on various National and International Television Programs.
- Over 28 years of martial arts experience.
- Author of the books ‘The Art of Daoyin’ and 'Stress Elimination' on LAMAS Qi Gong practices, as well as author of several articles and videos.
- Highly sought-after for his Healing abilities

Grandmaster Lowe is well versed in Qi Gong as practiced by the Taotang and LoLo tribes' Daoyin practitioners.